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    Sir Henry Wellcome, the pharmacist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist founded the Wellcome Trust.

    A Matter of Life and Death is a foretaste to the public events planned for Wellcome Collection , a new £30 million public venue from the Wellcome Trust that opens in June 2007. Wellcome Collection will explore the relationships between medicine, life and art through permanent and temporary exhibitions and events, to provide radical insights into the human condition.

    A Matter of Life and Death Death is a contemporary take on Memento Mori - a Latin phrase meaning 'remember that you must die' and used to describe artworks that portray the brevity of life and the futility of material longing.

    The event will premiere a specially commissioned short film from artists Onkar Singh Kular and Noam Toran. The film's three chapters, Falling, Faking and Freezing, provide distinct interpretations of the term 'near-death' and are the focal point of an evening that encourages visitors to consider the fine line between life and death, and to reflect upon the celebration and apprehension of mortality. In addition, Onkar Singh Kular and Noam Toran will also present a multi-screen installation featuring clips from over 200 films presenting characters' dying moments: a collage of celluloid representations of the final moment. Designers åbäke and Martino Gamper created the exhibition space.

    An angelic gatekeeper will greet visitors and guide them into the heart of the installation. Here they can sample life-affirming food and drink such as chili chocolate and tequila (served in edible pretzel glasses) and enjoy this alternative take on the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead festival.

    A Matter of Life and Death is being held on 15 March 2007, 19 30-22 00, at Shoreditch Town Hall, London. Tickets are free. Book in advance by emailing [email protected]
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    Re: Looking at life and Death

    Sounds good...I've just booked my tickets. Will let you know how it is on Friday!

    Talking of Wellcome: has anyone been to the Welcome History of Medicine at the Science Museum? It's on the very top floor and is very dark and dingy - away from the bright flashing lights of the other floors! It's exhibits include surgical equipment from c.1600 onwards (lots of big scary saws!) and vintage contraception (funny!). Also, there's Lister's medicine box, and a selection of vintage pharmaceuticals. Definately worth a visit, and it's free.