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Is the pharmacist still be assisstant to doctor

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  • Is the pharmacist still be assisstant to doctor

    Is the pharmacist still be assisstant to doctor?

    please ansower me because this is my life question!
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    No - never has been .
    However pharmacists and doctors and nurses and lots of others are part of the same team treating the patient it is necessary that we work together. Different professions are in charge of different aspects of the patients care - who is "in charge" at any moment depends on the patient.



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      drs vs pharmacists

      "Pharmacy is the handmaiden of medicine" was what I was told when young.

      Regret that Pharmacy is never going to have a TV series, when it does appear in a film or a soap, it is always portrayed as greedy and grasping--profiteering from pts sickness.

      You just have to accept this and accept the steady living that p[harmacy provides.


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        Pharmacists are not doctors' assistants! lol I work with junior doctors in the hospital. Their knowledge about drugs is not at the best standards. When they get to the SHO "Senior House Officer" and after working long hours for years, they do get better however the consultants will only concentrate on their "narrow expertise window" while a clinical pharmacist and a community pharmacists tend to have that broad knowledge about the drugs and the treatments (well all the good ones do anyway!!). I think pharmacists have a massive role to play in the healthcare system but never will they be assistants to any other healthcare professionals.