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    There is a review at the moment going on into Control of Entry Requirements and I think your views should be heard.

    Here's what I wrote, if you agree or disagree don't tell me. Tell them! Get your view across. They may not listen but don't sit back and moan under your breath!

    My contribution:

    I am a locum pharmacist and as such very interested in the topoics relevant to pharmacy so I decided to look into this review.
    I have looked at the question format and am reminded of an episode of 'Yes, Prime Minister!'
    In the episode they were contemplating bringing back National Service and they had decided to make their choice and then have referendum.
    If they wanted it back they would ask:
    1.Do you think the youth of today are layabouts?
    2.Do you think they need discipline?
    3.Should we bring back NS?
    If they didn't they would ask:
    1.Do you think the youth of today are layabouts?
    2.Do you think they should be trained to kill?
    3.Should we bring back NS?
    In this way the public had to answer the way the govenrment wanted.
    It seems to me from the structure that you have already decided to drop COE requirements, you can't answer the questions without coming up with that answer but if you are really reviewing the process perhaps you should think about some things.
    Which? have a valid point when they say COE hasn't put pharmacies in deprived areas but really, would dropping COE requirements really stop cherry picking? Would it force pharmacies to open in deprived areas? No, you'd just have a pharmacy in every supermarket and multiples would push in on the few independents that ahve set up good services in good areas.
    I have worked for most of the major multiples and I know that they really don't care about their staff do you think that they care any more than that about the general public? They sold their staff and pharmacy down the river when they block voted the new contract in and showed that all that mattered to them was the money.
    The only branches that I ahve owrked in that actually cared about the public were the palces where the old staff were kept on from before teh pharmacy was sold and the staff were putting themselves out to get the job done and the public serviced.
    Dropping COE requirements is a way forward but not the correct way. Pharmacy needs to be looked at and changes need to be made.
    Linnear MRPharmS

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