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  • Pharmacy in the future

    I saw a letter in this week's PJ saying that there's an All Party Review into pharmacy in the future.

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    Here's what I wrote, if you agree or disagree don't tell me. Tell them! Get your view across. They may not listen but don't sit back and moan under your breath!

    My contribution:

    I am a locum pharmacist and as such I am very interested in the future of pharmacy.
    I have worked for most fo the multiples and for sveral independents, most of whom have now sold out to the multiples and I feel that things need to change a great deal for pharmacy to have a future.
    We would all like to see greater variety in our jobs but I feel the major point being missed is that the pharmacists aren't getting paid to do the jobs they have now. Yes, I know that we have the new contract but let's face it that was block voted in by the multiples before anyone had a chance to see what it really meant. The only people that have benefitted from it are those multiples.
    The workload has increased, the last figure I heard was 50% in the last 10 years. I may be wrong on that so please don't quote me!
    Now we are told that we must do advanced services etc. to get the extra pay that was mentioned when the contract was up for vote. Oh yeah, and we also have to refit our shops because our consutlation rooms aren't up to the job.
    Every extra piece of pay we get we end up paying more to get it. Thw hole 'global sum' idea is a mockery. Two years ago the pharmacies ended up taking a pay cut because they'd dispensed too many prescriptions!
    Now we are facing Which witch hunts for selling more than one packet of paracetamol, I thought that we were allowed to. Up to 100 I believe the law states. How we can sell 100 I don't know as we can only sell packs of 16 or 32!
    And Which are also having a go at control of entry requirements. They do make valid points, COE hasn't helped put pharmacies into deprived areas but let's be serious will lowering COE requirements stop sherry picking? I think not, no-one's going to want to open a pharmacy ina deprived area unless it has sentimental value to them. Lowering or removing COE reuqirements will only put a pharmacy in every supermarket and give you Buy One Get One Free offers on all meds. Those few idnependents that are still around can only be because they have found a good place and have set up a really good service, but they would be open to leapfrogging from the multiples if COE requirements were relaxed.
    As I say, I have worked for the multiples they sold their staff down the river when they signed up for the contract do you really believe that they care for the general public? The only shops where tha multiples really help the general public are where the staff put themselves out to do it and in those cases it's usually a case of the manager being the owner of the business before it was sold.
    There is a future for pharmacy but the chokehold of the multiples needs to be countered and the pay for the pharmacist needs to be drastically amended.
    Thank you for your time.
    Linnear MRPharmS

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