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    Hi Everyone

    Have a look at this: -

    It makes quite interesting reading.
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    Work from home??

    Originally posted by admin
    Hi Everyone

    Have a look at this: -

    It makes quite interesting reading.
    Interesting article. Would love to get the local PCT to fund me working from home, phoning a list of such patients.!!
    It would be interesting to know, how much of the effect was from improved medical compliance/understanding of the patients versus how much was the psychological factor that 'someone actually cares about me'. I'm sure others see it all the time in retail pharmacy too, how much you can help the customers simply by listening to them, having a friendly chat and throwing in some advice once you have earnt their attention and trust. But so often I find I only have time to say 'Hello' or nod to the patients.


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      It's funny because a chain down here has started 'Managed Repeat Dispensing" whereby the patient brings their Rx in and we dispense and keep the repeat slip. In twenty days or so we re-order it from surgery so the patient isn't 'bothered' with having to re-order their own tablets.

      When that came in I asked, "What's next? A little alarm clock on the bench that goes off at 11 and we then ring Mrs Miggins to tell her to take her little blue pills?"

      Seems I was ahead of developments!
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