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    I have just been looking at the university clearing vacancies and there seem to be a large number of vacancies in pharmacy. When i was a school student there were were only about 2 universities that had vacancies for pharmacy in clearing. Now it seems like most of them do.
    Why is this ?

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    At a guess, several reasons.
    1. There are a lot more Schools of Pharmacy now than when you were applying.
    2. There aren't quite as many 18 year olds.
    3. People have got the message that pharmacy anyway ...... isn't quite as attractive a career as it was once upon a time
    4. Student are doing 'softer' sciences..... psychology, sociology..... rather than subjects like chemistry.
    5. There are more degree options anyway.


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      Kids hoping to become presenters on the TV take Media studies. If you want to join them then you need to have wealthy parents to send you to private school and then Oxford. Also helps to be Scots or Jewish. A parent already on TV is a great asset, eg Zoe Ball. They have their sights on £400K/year and fame.


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        I think students are now opening their eyes. They've probably done some work experience and seen the appalling conditions and pay...