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  • RPS out of touch according to survey

    Anyone surprised by this result?,169O9I,MPPW,1
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    As someone who has been on the Register for 57 years, although nowadays on the non-practising register, I would say 'T'was ever thus'. The situation has not been helped, either, by the convulsions at the turn of the century when the 'old' Royal Pharmaceutical Society or RPharmS was rejigged and reformed by what I regarded then and still do as a group of wreckers, acting in the interests of the Department of Health, not the profession. For example, prior to the 'reforms' there was a Branch structure where pharmacists, employee or owner-manager, hospital or community, were encouraged to meet and discuss matters of common interest, and which also had a wider social function. These were destroyed by the reformers in favour of Local Pharmaceutical Forums; if experience in Essex is any guide these are much, much less active; branch activity waxed and waned and these things do, but many branches had active programmes and good attendances.


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      I completely agree with Merlyn. I first attended a meeting of the East Metropolitan branch when an apprentice. When I retired from industry and started locums, I began to take an active interest in my local branch, first Romford, then Luton and then Cambridge. We had a varied program with speakers being consultants from local hospitals, Industry representatives (who met all expenses) and others on non pharmaceutical topics.
      Then it all fell apart and the society took our funds. That coincided with my second retirement when I was 75 and i lost touch with pharmacy except my local horse branch and here on the forum. Now some ten years later and pharmacy as I knew it no longer exists.


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        not in the slightest