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Surprise Consultation on the Introduction of Pharmacist Apprenticeship in England

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    Originally posted by johnep View Post
    When I first applied to the shoe back in 1950, I was told that they preferred people with Higher Schools Certificate (A levels) for their healthcare counters.
    You're from the 'greatest generation ever' though JohnEP.

    Interesting though, because in 1950 when A-levels were invented the year after, presumably that was worth quite a lot.


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      Probably yes. Although being born during the slump of the 30s meant that my parents could not afford a great deal and also the war years were frugal. Just after the war, I queued for 3 hours just to buy an ice cream. I had no idea what a banana was. At a friends party we had a "banana" sandwich made from mashed parsnips and banana essence. With no TV we often queued to see the latest Norman Wisdom film at the cinema. Usually until a performance was playing and we waited for the next one. However, had a choice of 6 Grammar Schools and really no problems in getting a job at any time. My first locum was £20 for the week.
      All uni fees were free so no debt.
      The "no graduate" year when the course became 4 years meant I was besieged with locum requests on retiring from industry and this continued until I finally ceased to be a pharmacist on Dec 31st 2009.


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        I think it's worth noting that even though the consultation was only widely publicised with 3-4 days left 6,000 people responded (as reported by C+D)

        I know as pharmacists we frequently label ourselves as generally apathetic as a profession. Seeing this level of mobilisation from the profession in such a short timeframe has given me a bit of hope for the future. Whether for or against at least we're clearly taking an interest.
        I remember when a blog was an individual boot.