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  • The Hub Pharmacy.

    Is something happening at The Hub Pharmacy similar to what happened to its predecessor Medix.
    I'm aware members of the management left in the last twelve months.
    I'm now informed that other senior staff are being dispensed with/ made redundant starting with the superintendent pharmacist.

    I was always thought it odd that Medix expanded so quickly then self ignited.
    It looks like The Hub is doing the same.

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    Hub? Medix?.
    Are these online pharmacies?


    • Volvo2088
      Volvo2088 commented
      Editing a comment
      No not on line.The Hub is a chain of twenty high street pharmacies. Previously known as MedicX before being scaled down/ sold off/ rebranded/ refinanced as The Hub Pharmacy.

      Just seems more of the same rapid expansion over a short period then hits the buffers.
      You would have thought lessons would have been learnt first time around.... unless it's a strategic plan and I'm missing something.