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One for the GPhC to get it's teeth into!

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  • One for the GPhC to get it's teeth into!

    A pharmacist who strangled his wife with a Tesco bag so he could start a new life with his boyfriend has been found guilty of murder.

    Mitesh Patel, 37, denied killing Jessica 34, and staging a burglary at the couple's home in Middlesbrough.

    BBC, 4th Dec.

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    Wow! Some people are really messed up and being a pharmacist doesn’t help!!!!!! I actually hope the GPhC just strike him off and they don’t spend a lot of time and our money investigating him!!!


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      Apparently he made an online query into the fatal dose of Insulin so perhaps he could write that up for his CPD. Lol!!!

      Seriously; a horrible tragedy as a well liked and competent woman pharmacist has lost her life in a dreadful way.


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        At first I thought, would it not be easier to just get a divorce? But then I read about the two million pound insurance and realised why that wasn’t an option. Poor woman she must have been terrified.

        There must be something about the smoggy pharmacists though, as Mam says that she remembers one of her neighbours who became a pharmacist, attempting to kill his wife too. It would have been around the back end of the 1970s/early 1980s.