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    We seem to have an excellent group of candidates this year. Hope everyone will have a look and vote; the ‘turnout’ has been abysmal in recent years*. However , WHY when there are five vacancies, do qwe onl;y have four votes. Ever since the Society was re-organised we’ve had a dodgy electoral system, although at least it’s a bit better now, with the abolition of the ‘collegiate’ system.
    Maybe we’ll get back to STV soon.

    * I realise that the usual crop of MOG’s (and MYG’s) will bang on with something about ‘what does it do for us?’ but without the Society the DoH would simply discuss things with the multiples and the ordinary practitiopner would be even more screwed.

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    Voted...and encourage others to do so. Please read the candidates CVs and declared interests before you do. Caution: RPSGB allows candidates to just put "As CV" for their interests which is a bit of a cop out in stead of a proper declaration.