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annual revalidation for pharmacists?

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  • annual revalidation for pharmacists?

    i read somewhere about future plans to have an annual revalidation for registered pharmacists to test their 'fitness to practice'. has anyone heard about such a thing?
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    Re: annual revalidation for pharmacists?

    Read the PJ.


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      Re: annual revalidation for pharmacists?

      The proposal is the same for nurses and doctors.

      Personally I am for it so long as it is a meaningful appraisal and takes cognescence of current practice as opposed to a bunch of academics evaluating that which they may feel is appropriate in their closeted world.

      I also understood it to be every 3 years.


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        Re: annual revalidation for pharmacists?

        I heard there was going to be revalidation procedures every 3 or 5 years. I think it was going to be based on a CPD portfolio, and/or an exam (think the exam was for underperformers). This was heard by word of mouth, either at a branch meeting or BPC... i can't rightly remember.

        There is some stuff on the PJ Online website, i havn't read the PJ for a few weeks so my little paragraph above this one may be out of date.
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