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    Originally posted by Jeff
    Wakefield? It's OK to use the baseball bat - as long as it's there as a toy. If it's there as a means of defence and has a SOP you could be in big trouble.


    I'd love to see an SOP for a baseball bat:

    1. Is person attacking you?

    2. If yes pick up baseball bat and swing menacingly

    3. If person has not backed off go for low damage area

    4. If person has still not backed off open up a can of pharmaceutical whoop-ass!

    I can see the journal now. A pharmacist has been severely reprimanded today for hitting a man with a knife as he did not follow SOP and swing his baseball menacingly first.

    I also love the idea of trying to prove that the baseball bat is in your dispensary as a toy! Well Officer in any quiet five minutes we go out and play a few innings!
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      Re: Reporting ADRs

      Originally posted by Zoggite View Post
      Here's another nice one most of you will be able to relate to: it's friday, 5.15pm, surgeries are now closed until monday morning. Man walks in with handwritten script for 56 tabs MST-Cont 20mg, 1BD: his wife is in agony, she has no pain relief medication in the house apart from paracetamol.
      MST-Cont tablets do not exist in a 20mg-strength, but because all MST tabs are controlled drugs (Morphine sulphate...), I have no latitude whatsoever, I can't just double up on the 10mg-tabs or give capsules instead; I can't contact the prescriber because the weekend has kicked in; SO what do I do? Phone a friend? 50/50? Ask the audience?

      wondering what is the best action to be taken in kinda situation?
      i would say, give supply for the weekend of the 10 mg, then contact the surgery to get a new script or so.

      any suggestion people?
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