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  • EPB election

    I am attaching a copy of the letter I sent to the PJ today and read out at the ENB meeting:

    It is with great regret that I am withdrawing from the 2008 EPB election.

    Geographic location means that I find it hard to take on extra commitments such as working groups and work commitments and family issues mean that I can hardly find the time to read the material required for the meetings.

    This is a landmark time for pharmacy and I believe that the board needs people that can give 100%.

    I also feel it needs people with experience. I feel I am a good scrapper and debater but I don’t feel that at this time that is enough. If the profession is not be ridden rough shod over by the govt and other interested parties then the people in places of power need to have a good understanding of the political playing field and also the historical significance of past legal proceedings.

    I never have and probably never will understand why a legal finding one hundred years ago should alter how a decision is made now. I am afraid that this is not a satisfactory statement for a member of the board to make. At this time the board needs people that can fight for the profession with all means at their disposal not fuming because the system doesn’t seem to make any sense.

    I apologise for doing this now when the election has already been scheduled and ballot papers have been sent out. Another expense that the profession could have done without but the publication of the reams of paper from Whitehall and Lambeth recently has finally made all of the pieces fall into place.

    I have always wanted the best for the profession and I believe that at this time the best thing I can do is step aside and allow more experienced heads remain at their posts.
    I would like to thank everyone that voted for me in the first election and also for anyone who might have already voted for me in this one and I wish the remaining board members well in their future exploits.

    Thank you.
    Linnear MRPharmS

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    Re: EPB election

    You already had my vote.

    I don't see why the elections can't be done online, or at least those members who want to vote online can register to do so.
    On one hand the RPSGB won't accept cheques but continues with the old fashioned ballot and all the expense that creates!
    If members can pay their fees online the technology is already in place!


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      Re: EPB election

      The result shows how many people vote early.