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    Pharmacy-Forum.Co.Uk Terms and Conditions

    1. Please be aware that this is an open forum and all threads/posts (except those in the private pharmacist section) can be read by any member of the public with an internet connection, and a web browser.

    2. The basic ground rules for discussions are common sense, and essentially entail not breaking the law, not to post deregatory messages regarding other web sites, forums, mailing lists, etc. The advertising of inappropriate material on the forum is prohibited. This includes sites promoting the sale of drugs, pornography, pirated computer software, videos, music etc. Members contravening these rules will be banned.

    3. Attempted promotion or advertising of commercial sites, without the permission of the owners of, such as locum recruitment agencies, sites selling drugs etc is strictly forbidden.

    4. Any member who is intentionally rude, unpleasant, racist, anti-Semitic, sexist or generally disruptive will be warned and even banned from the forum.

    5. Any threads/posts that encourage illegal activity will be removed by admin, and the member banned from use of the forum.

    6. Spamming is an illegal activity and will not be tolerated. If you are not sure what spamming is, it is defined as the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages, which are generally undesired.

    7. Flaming is also not allowed. This is defined as the act of sending or posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting, usually in the social context of a discussion forum on the internet. It is genearlly a personal, malicious or judgemental attack on another person or group. This will not be tolearted. The line between expressing strong opinions and flaming someone can sometimes be a fine one. If you feel you have (or are being) flamed by another member, just contact admin and the matter will be investigated. Posts of a threatening or slanderous nature will be removed.

    8. Please try not to reply with an off-topic comment/question. The forum is easier to navigate if you start a new thread for each new topic instead. Remember there is always a search tool on the forum you can use to find posts and topics that interest you.

    9. Whilst anyone logged onto the forum website can read the threads/posts, only registered members can reply and start new threads. Please remember that whatever you post on this forum is a comment made by you and is not endorsed by If you write it, you should be prepared to take responsibility for it.

    10. You are responsible for any threads/posts you contribute to the forum. If you later feel uneasy, or simply wish to reconsider any posts you have made, you can easily return to the forum and edit your post.

    11. You must be aware that if you insult, offend, or libel anyone reading this forum you alone are responsible. The content posted is your responsibility, and is not in any way endorsed by If the offended party chooses to take legal action against you, this forum is not responsible. assumes no responsibility for anything you read on this forum, or anything you post here.

    12. Please do not post any details of other members telephone numbers or personal address on the forum. Such information should only be the subject of email communication between individual forum members, who have come to know each other well enough to have gained that level of trust. Do not ever post actual people's names or what they have written to you in letters etc. Any posts that attempt to name or shame people will be removed. The forum is meant for general debate, not to use to insult, shame, flame or disrespect anyone.

    13. All posts sent to the are the copyright of the sender, and may not be reproduced or forwarded in any way outside the forum, without the explicit consent of the author.

    14. The administrators and moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or even delete any threads/posts that is considered to contain subject matter that is inappropriate, or could possibly cause distress to anyone who may read it. The administrators have the final decisions on this.

    15. The has taken every reasonable precaution to protect it's members from viruses, and to ensure the confidentiality of the e-mail addresses of members of the forum. We cannot however guarantee 100% the safety of any posts on the forum. We also cannot guarantee to protect members from viruses and other problems related to the Internet. The will bear no responsibility or liability for any problems you may encounter using the site. People use this site at their own risk.

    16. Please be aware that any information you disclose on the is beyond our control. Please use sensible caution when deciding to disclose personal information on the forum. Never reveal any personal details about patients when discussing drug regimens etc.

    17. You must agree to abide by these rules as a condition of registering with the forum.

    18. Lively debate is encouraged!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Last edited by admin; 16, August 2007, 09:31 PM.
    Lively debate is encouraged but please respect the opinions and feelings of others.
    Please help keep the forum vibrant by spreading the work to friends and colleagues via word of mouth or social media.
    Thank you for contributing to this site.