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    Re: Welcome to

    hi everyone, well, i am new to the UK and got transfered from the states. i am a male looking forward to pursue my career in pharmacy and start it off being a pharm tech. But whereever i go i see mostly female working as tech in this field. Is it easy to find a job for male pharmachy tech like for the female or is it hard and competative.

    looking forward for suggestion.


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      Re: Welcome to

      welcome cotine! no - you will find no difference in getting a job working in a pharmacy whether male or female. It can be competitive in the current uk economic climate so you may not immediately be able to work as a tech unless you have prior experience. You may have to start out as a counter assistant or a dispensary assistant.
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        Re: Welcome to

        Weve had 2 male pharm tech working with us in Tesco over the past 10 years, both have since left but the company seem happy to employ men


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          Re: Welcome to


          I was wondering whether there was a tutorial to help me to use the site. For example, I know blogs have been around for a while now, but I haven't used one before and so would like to know how they work. Also, I don't understand exactly how the 'My Subscriptions' section works, is this something that I need to pay for?

          I'm sure this is probably straight forward, but if you could give me a few pointers, I would really appreciate it.

          Many thanks

          Dev Shah


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            Hi! I am new to this forum. The reason I joined to this forum is becasue I want to entre in the world of comunity pharmacy. I am from India, I did Pharmacy in India and Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences in UK and since last 4 years I am working with Specials Menufacturing. Now I want to work in Pharmacy, and therefore I also nees a sponcer for my TIER 2 visa extension. If some one please help me with that as my current visa are about to expire in August.

            Thank you


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              Don't they have pharmacies in India?

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            Dear Admin,

            I have got this username (sachin1981) and I also had another username which had more post count (dripple). Is there any way I can combine these two usernames together. I cannot for the life remember what email address I used to sign up with dripple so cannot reset the password.


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              Yes I can do that for you. I assume you want to keep the old name and the new email? How are you by the way? Elaine x
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