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Welcome Everyone !!!!

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  • Welcome Everyone !!!!

    Hello and welcome to the Pharmacy-forum. This forum has been started for the discussion of all things regarding pharmacy. It has been started by Elaine Hutton, a registered UK pharmacist.

    The data collected here, is not passed onto anybody, either an individual or commercial entity. Occasionally you may be e-mailed about the forum, but it will be as a news letter, or to ask people's opinions of how the forum is run. If you do not want to be contacted, or want your details removing, just e-mail admin and your details will be removed from the site.

    If you have any questions, or concerns, or are receiving any mail that causes you offence, just e-mail admin and it will be looked into. Every e-mail will be read and replied to. If a person is deliberately trying to cause offence to others, through spam, malicious posts etc they will be warned, and if their behaviour continues, removed from the site. This does not mean lively debate is not allowed! Please also refrain from posting any deregatory posts about other sites or mailing lists. Any such posts will have to be removed.

    You are welcome to add a link to your own website, as long as it is a non commercial site. Ones that sell drugs via the internet, or are deemed to be un-professional, or offensive to others, will be removed from your profile and you may be banned immediately. Examples of this would be links to sex sites, racist, sexist, homophobic or things of that nature. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MATERIAL ON ANY SITES THAT ARE LINKED TO THIS ONE.

    This website is open to everyone. If you are a pharmacist, member of the public or other health care professional you are welcome to post topics here.

    If you like the site please tell your friends and colleagues, as the more people that use it the better it will be.

    We have a private pharmacist section, that only registered UK pharmacists can access. This section was set up at the request of several members, as they sometimes want to post topics that the general public cannot view. If you are a pharmacist that is interested in joining this group, then please send admin your details (full name, RPSGB registration number and address).

    We also have a chat room for you to have debates and live conversation with other members. A chime will sound when someone enters the room, so log into the site then the chat room. After this minimise the chatroom, and if anyone enters you will hear the chime - leave your sound up! You can carry on using the forum while being logged into the chat room this way.

    This software has many features not found on free forum software. You can edit the details viewed by others about you, decide in which order you would like to view the forums, have a buddy list, send and receive private messages and e-mails and many other extras. If you want to do a specific thing and are having trouble then just e-mail admin. Don't forget to check out the features at the top of the main page, and at the bottom. A very useful one is the "Quick Links" at the top of the front page, and you can view todays posts etc from there. It saves you time looking around for new posts, as they are all listed on there.


    Welcome to the Pharmacy Forum UK
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    Lively debate is encouraged but please respect the opinions and feelings of others.
    Please help keep the forum vibrant by spreading the work to friends and colleagues via word of mouth or social media.
    Thank you for contributing to this site.