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  • Truss fitting

    Hi all. I hope I have done this right. I am on my final attempt at this question. It asks “what ethical and legal issues must be taken into consideration when offering a truss fitting service?”
    I am really struggling with this now so if anyone could help and point me in the right direction. It will be really appreciated.

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    Usually a truss for a male should be fitted by a male. You should consider a chaperone if necessary.
    Should be done in a private area.


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      Truss-fitting! Brings back memories. Surprised it's still done, TBH!. As for suggestions, competency is an issue, and might consider whether to offer home visits, and if that's impossible to specifically say so. And an adequate area, preferably with hand-washing facilities on site.


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        This takes me back to when we used to offer this.
        Apart from competence and chaperone requirements.
        You need to explain the fitting procedure to the patient and before you touch them explain where and why.
        Probably get them to sign a consent form against all the points too?

        You also need an examination couch plus the disposable cover thing and sufficient lighting to see by.
        Handwashing facilities and gloves.
        Covid - need to take those precautions too.

        Back in the day it was on the couch, spot the hernia. (Scrotoal or inguinal)
        Never saw an umbilical. But can't remember if we were allowed to fit for those anyway.
        Make sure it can be 'reduced' measure and order the truss appropriately.

        Also helps to tell the patient to bathe prior to the visit.
        Having fitted a truss to a patient who was none too clean... but that's another story.

        Don't know of a pharmacy that would do this - these days.
        The fees hardly cover the bother and follow-up etc.

        Don't forget the appliance contractors have a different pay-scale and are happy to take the work!
        The contractor that used to be around here made them up on the spot and fitted "while-u-wait" anyway.
        (I still think they have the old 'on-cost' payment etc)
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        How times change.

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          Here's a joke that has always stuck in my mind. "Have you heard about the truss with a built in calculator?" , "It's support you can count on!" Boom, Boom.