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Boots Docket / plastic sleeve and bagging system

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  • Boots Docket / plastic sleeve and bagging system

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me remember how the Boots docket system used to work and also the system they brought out after that with the alphanumeric shelves and coloured paper plastic sleeves ( if my memory serves me right) to help find patients Rx’s for pick up on the waiting shelves . I used to work as a locum from 2004 to 2012 and am currently back in NZ. Could someone please help me remember as I would like to use one of them in our pharmacy back in NZ. Do they maybe use another system now??

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    Hi, it's not hard really. All they do is allocate a location for a rx by placing it in a docket sleeve or by writing A1 or B6 etc on it based on a named location. Then all rx get files alphabetically in an index box. Mr A Kiwi comes in you go to your index box under K look at what location is written on it say for example A1 shelf or W7 go there and pick it up! Is that what you wanted to know?