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Leaving Prereg Placement - Near the End

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  • Leaving Prereg Placement - Near the End

    I’m a prereg student at a chain, I have 6 weeks left until the end of the prereg year. My tutor has given next to no support, is extremely condescending, and some days we don’t talk. She lies to the manager, who is my line manager and of-course they believe her lies. She talks to me like a child, does not treat me like she does other dispensary colleagues. The smallest of things set her off, for example I showed a patient the nhs choices acne guide on how to manage symptoms of acne apparently I was wrong in doing so because I ‘diagnosed’ the patient with acne. I was discussing with a colleague about expiry dates, best before, use by dates - a patient had inquired about it. She said I told the colleague wrong information, and rambled on about how as a pharmacist you have to tell accurate information to patients as colleagues. I showed her the MEP and I was correct, all she had to say was “oh...ok”. One afternoon, she told me to take my training time 4:30 - 5:30 and not morning, and she told a dispenser not to go home until I came down to take her off. When I went to the dispensary after 1 hour training time at 5:30, both of them had a go at me because ‘I was late’ ‘I was supposed to be down for 5:20 and the dispenser was late for a gym class. Then she told me I didn’t listen, had no respect for my colleagues.
    I have been going back and forth with the preregistration manager since December 2018. She no longer replies to my emails and when I asked to move stores and change tutors she said was ‘it’s too late’. I contacted the area manager, I was dismissed and and all she said was speak to the line manager who sides with the tutor.
    I am the tutors first prereg and hopefully last, clearly she has not a clue what being a tutor is about. The last few weeks have been terrible, I have made a number of dispensing errors which have gone out to the patient, thankfully no harm occurred. I was also not signed off as satisfactory at week 39. Recently I had a review with the line manager and the tutor (line manager did all the talking), and by the looks of it I will not be signed off. My confidence is at the lowest it’s ever been. I have been looking round for 6 month placements and have an offer at an independent.
    My question is given the above situation is it worth going for this independent or should I wait until I know for sure what the outcome of the final sign off is? I would not want to go through another 6 months of prereg, it has been a rubbish experience. On the other hand I don’t know if I’ve learnt enough to take on the role of RP.
    I know I will make a good pharmacist, I have potential just the environment and the tutor have not been not supportive but drained every ounce of enthusiasm I had. Provisionally I am sitting the September exam as I was not signed off to sit the summer exam at week 39, and the plan is to work in a pharmacy I could use that experience to get used to the role of RP from the outside looking in.
    When I have gone into other stores (of the same chain), I had enjoyed it and have been asked if I would like to come back. My confidence has plummeted this year and if anybody is willing to offer advice (direct message) on how I can ‘improve’ to get through these next few weeks I will be forever grateful.
    thankyou )
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    This post summarises many of the things wrong with pharmacy.

    They are playing mind games with you.

    Get the headspace ten day free trial for mindfulness and do that before work. Other than that there isn't really any advice in the sense that if you've had a year of this nonsense it will take a while to build your confidence back up :-/.

    Wait 6 weeks, see what happens, then if that's signed off sit the pre-reg. If you do get through all that by September then get the hell out of there, not to gain experience to be good enough to be RP (you will be), but to get away from these bad people.


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      I regret that we have had this story before. My own daughter is being treated a little like this by a senior manager who "works from home" during school holidays. A new member of staff is joining just the week when my daughter has a long booked holiday. The manager has booked herself on a week course at the same time so actually the new person could be alone on her first day. Fortunately, my daughter has decided to send the girl to another office in NI for the week. So, could be no one at all during that time. Now I will, be sexist and say this always seems to be a female thing. Very rarely hear it from a male.
      When I was teaching in a girls school in the 60s and was one of only two men in the staff room, I was told the head mistress liked to have "a man about the place" to reduce " bitchiness".


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        Courage Mon Brave!!! As for the following: I have made a number of dispensing errors which have gone out to the patient, thankfully no harm occurred. This should have been detected by the Pharmacist in charge at the time.

        I agree with mcitr; endure the six weeks then go.

        You could contact the PDA, I don't know what their policy is toward post-grads but it might be worth finding out.

        Keep a record; once you have your GPhC registration it might be worth making a complaint. This is very clearly not the way to treat people who are entering a profession.


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          But never the less, all too common these days.


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            Originally posted by johnep View Post
            But never the less, all too common these days.
            Retail culture.


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              From memory the pre-reg process allows you to feedback on your tutor at all of the review points?

              Have you made sure to feed your experience back to the GPhC at each point? Have you considered raising the issue with the regulator? It's a difficult line to take but pharmacies need to be registered as training premises to take on a pre-registration pharmacist. Sometimes taking the hard line can yield results and as a formative experience learning how to use process and assertiveness to manage difficult experiences and interactions can be invaluable.

              I had a very difficult pre-reg with a pharmacist who kept being mistaken for my junior. It created a very tense work environment and similarly I found out she was sending negative feedback to our senior management to cover up her own failings. I stood up to her and made it clear that her behavior wasn't appropriate for a registrant or a teacher. She left me to my own devices for the most part after that and it did help my confidence. She's no longer a pharmacist (thank god) and I've done reasonably well for myself and have had quite a varied career to date.

              Whatever the outcome I really hope it works out. Good luck!!

              I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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                Hello Rose. Sorry, but this will be a very unpopular and difficult read. 46 weeks ago, you knew you would be unleashed on a trusting public. 46 weeks ago, you knew that you would be responsible for your own revalidation when you joined the register.
                You now have 6 weeks or 32 weeks to get yourself together and become that good pharmacist. It is primarily up to you to make sure you are ready for the role ahead of you. You find a way. You will need to for the rest of your working life, so why not start now?
                I wish you well. All the best.


                • mcitr
                  mcitr commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Not unpopular or difficult, just not helpful.

                  The I'm all right jack, I'm a successful, ambitious pharmacist who earns pots of money I'll pull the ladder up so no one can come after me doesn't collectively get pharmacy anywhere. People need to start working together or pharmacy will get snuffed out.

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                Hello mcitr. That was not my intention. We have all had teachers or tutors that couldn't get through to us. It didn't stop us getting a degree. My point is that life had been structured with guidance from school/college teachers and then from university lecturers. We have all had to learn things using our own initiative. Nothing compares to that. My point is that alone will serve you well in future.


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                  Stuff the poiiteness. Sick of idiots who can't think for themselves. Mcitr. You need to get a grip son. There are three pharmacists involved in this scenario. Actually two, one is only one a pre reg, who by her own own admission, with only six weeks to go still makes dispensing errors. They go out to the general public. That speaks volumes for the pharmacist on duty, but, it does not bode well for our would be pharmacist. There are three pharmacists involved. You have the temerity to suggest that I have pulled the ladder up and only think of myself. Unlike you, I am not terminally stupid to take the word of Rose, the pre reg versus two pharmacists who, according to you, demand your loyalty. What about the other two who have not had the right of reply. You are an embarrassment.
                  Definitely, without question, I have helped people on this group, young and old and will continue to do so, both with my my time me and my money. When you can truly say the same, I will take your like serious
                  y. My folks were skint. Beyond skint. I do alright thanks. I am grateful. As a token of gratitude I NEVER refuse to help anyone who asks. There are enough on her who will testify.
                  Thank you Elaine for the opportunity to help people. I will remove myself from this platform. You are beyond stupid mcitr and you do not care a stuff about Rose. You have used this platform to stand on other people.
                  What about the pharmacist that practices their counselling skills with patients, peers, anyone, until their technique is mastered? That is where the rest of us need to be at. I know this pharmacist.
                  What about the pharmacist, who qualified in the 80's, realised their responsibility to the wider public and wrote 3 letters every 2 days to pharmaceutical companies to upskill, realising that they will need to know their stuff the day they qualified? I know this Pharmacist.
                  The one thing that both these pharmacists have in common with the astoundingly competent clinical pharmacists on this forum is that they do not think they are better than anyone else! You would have the stupidity with your poxy keyboard to question them in your blunt 2D format. All they want, all they taught me, was stand on your own two feet, our patients need our very best.
                  Elaine, I am useless with technology, If I fail to remove myself, please kindly do so. All the best.


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                    Oh dear, I have seen this sort of spat before. Everyone has the right to absent themselves from this forum and If someone was really overstepping the mark, then I would delete the offending post. Personal invective is not right.


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                      Thank you for your contributions everyone, never got round to replying. I contacted PDA, pharmacist support who were really helpful.
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                        Well Rose, glad that things seem a little brighter. However, earlier feedback could have been useful to others in a similar situation. I confess that the only times I have been uncomfortable with another pharmacist they were ladies.
                        Reminds me of my headmistress where I was teaching who told me she liked a man or two on the staff to stop bitchiness in the staff room.
                        I await the inevitable onslaught.


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                          One of the best, and as far as I could see, most supportive, teams with which I ever worked was a Family Planning Team. All female. One of the 'bitchiest' bosses; male.It all goes to show that you can't generalise.


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                            I would agree that FPA staff are very friendly to all. They come across the situations where tact and diplomacy essential. The "awkward" pharmacists tended to be in hospital. I did locums at a pharmacy where the regular pharmacist was offensive to the girls and one was in tears. He did not last long.