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Need some advice (Band 6 pharmacist)

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  • Need some advice (Band 6 pharmacist)

    Hi all,
    I'm a newly qualified pharmacist, locuming in a hosp as a dispensary Pharmacist.
    I thought it would be worth asking pharmacists' advice in this forum.
    Although I'm working under a locum agency, I was lucky that I could start working in the hospital after completing my pre-reg in community.

    I've recently applied for a band 6 rotational pharmacist position. But because I'm not a strong candidate compared to others in terms of clinical knowledge I've got an job offer for a band 6 dispensary Pharmacist instead. They said they want to keep me. The main duty will be screening Rx & inpatient charts and calling consultants for safety before dispensing.

    I'm wondering whether this position will train me to develop clinical knowledge so I can be a rotational pharmacist after a year.
    It'll be greatley appreciated, if any advice.

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    Go for it; once inside the system the opportunities will come. Management says they want to keep you; that's a strong vote of confidence in your overall ability.


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      Thanx for your advice Merlyn!!
      I'll take your advice.

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    Agreed and then go for the clinical diploma.


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      Thanx Johnep!
      Yeah, defo I'm going to do the PGCD course.