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  • Introduction and queries!

    Hey everyone, hope all of you are doing great,
    I've been graduated from a Pharmacy College in Egypt last year and I want to move to the UK and register there as a pharmacist, I found out that I have to go through a one year course OSPAP to be able to proceed in the registration process. Unfortunately I can't afford the fees of this course. So I'm thinking about starting as a Pharmacy Technician/Assistant first and save some money to later enroll in the course. I searched about the Technician registration process and I found that I must acquire working experience in the UK first and other qualifications !
    how can I start ? Finding a technician position in any pharmacy , would they employ me without registration in order to acquire the experience required for the registration??!
    my second query another question, if I registered as a pharmacist in the UK, are there enough vacancies in London I mean is there a shortage in pharmacists there?
    my last query is there any job I can move to UK with relevant to Pharmacy without having obligatiory courses to study .. I've some good experience in the pharmaceutical industry ..does this require courses like OSPAP to work also?

    Thank you, sorry for my long questions.

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    Why not stay in Eygpt. it is one of the most popular tourist destinations.
    UK has a surplus of pharmacists and more so in London and other big cities.
    Working as a technician would be difficult, you must first get to UK and immigration from outside EU is very difficult.


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      You couldn't work as a technician without being registered, there are some non-EU qualifications the gphc will accept for registration, you would have to find out if you qualify. You usually have to get sponsorship for a visa which you may be able to get a bit easier if you plan to work in a city where you could put your Arabic language skills to use. (As giving you a pemanent job over british/EU applicants requires a valid reason) I have a friend from outside EU and he has been back and forth because of visa issues with locuming, and he got his pharmacy degree in the uk, owns property here, registered with gphc and still took years to get the right visa.