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where do i start on evidence gathering? help Level 3

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  • where do i start on evidence gathering? help Level 3

    Can someone please help me on how do i start evidence gathering? need a quick example then hopefully it should sink in

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    Search the forum on Evidence using the search box.


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      My advice? Listen to what Johnep has said and try and write about things that you have done in real life e.g how to hand out a script. What would you do? Call out patients name, wait until they come forward, ask them to read back their address ( in case there is someone with the same name) and once you are satisfied, hand it over. If they ask you a question, could you answer it or would you need to refer?
      what I will say, give as much detail as you can in your accounts.
      I speak from experience about that!


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        I would advise on using "live examples". Record the date and time you completed the activity and then have it counter signed by your pharmacist. This is a really robust way to evidence you have completed a task or action.
        I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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          I’m currently doing the level 3, I started by going through each unit and seeing what kind of criteria is needed for each one, at the front of each unit are examples of what can be used. Any prescription that came in with a wrong quantity or dosage, I’d photocopy and write a report about it. Each unit is different so so have a read through each unit, there is an example at the end of each unit aswel where u can get ideas from aswel.


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            Make sure you write you reports against the criteria. If it says for example '1.1 greet the customer' you write, ''a customer comes to the counter and I greet them' when I was struggling to meet a few points this was what my marker told me, also type them up so you can re read them and add points to increase the amount of criteria you can meet in one report. When I did it there were practical criteria you had to meet twice per unit, and knowledge criteria you only had to meet once. But my marker wanted every criteria meet twice so check with your marker too.