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Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults (Level 2) section 1

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  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults (Level 2) section 1

    Afternoon all

    I need help.

    I've been trying to pass Lv2 Sec1 of the CPPE of Safeguarding children and vulnerable Adults, I have tried SEVEN times and i am loosing the will. I keep getting 70% and need 80% to pass. I have read and re-read. I have contacted CPPE and followed their advise to read up on the area I seem to fail on (CSE) I passed section 2 and 3 of level 2 but this section 1 is really ticking me off!
    I have notes upon notes, i have watched videos of proffesional talking about CSE and how to watch for signs etc.

    Is/Has anyone else struggled or am i just being thick?

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    Search the forum using the search box, this topic has been raised before.


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      Hello Annie. Correct me if I am wrong, but, weren't there about 10-15 questions per level? If that is the case, there would need to be a pool of about 80+ questions for you to fall short consistently. There simply wasn't enough material for that. Questions must be repeating themselves, surely? If that is the case, with all due respect, you are perhaps being clouded by frustration rather than using a process of elimination?