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    Hi Everyone

    I do get a copy of every post that is posted on the forum and try to read them all. The problem is that the forum has become so popular and busy, that when I log in there can sometimes be over 50 new posts in one night. I went away for a week's holiday in the summer and came back to over 300 new posts! When you log onto the forum click "Quick Links" then "Today's Posts" to get an idea of how busy it has become. Often it fills the page.

    So, if you have a request for a sticky thread, posts being moved into a new section/thread or even a new forum setting up (the NPA one looks like it's for the chop soon!) then please send me a private message so I don't miss it.

    Thnaks to everyone who takes the time, and makes the effort to contribute to this site. I personally feel we are getting some great discussions going, and are offering real help especially to young people.

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