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Mur's - benefits for patient?

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  • Mur's - benefits for patient?

    I've just come back from a Pfizer sponsored training evening on "soft skills"/communication skills re MUR's - one of the main points raised was that pharmacists need to "add value" and show a benefit to PATIENT'S in order for this service to be valued - work with gp's & pct's BUT your absolute focus has to be on the patient...any one out there have any comments how we can continue to justify (to the patient) the time they give for us to provide this service

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    Re: Mur's - benefits for patient?

    Up to a third of hospital admissions are due to prescription drugs not being taken correctly. If patients don't take their medicines correctly they are at risk.

    MURs aren't a favour by patients to give pharmacists a fee. They are an attempt to use pharmaceutical expertise to enable patients to obtain the maximum benefit from their medication.