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how to get MUR accreditation quickly

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  • how to get MUR accreditation quickly

    hi i have to get the accreditation quickly because of my boss, but today i tried the cppe assessement and i failed the first part, could someone provide me with the list of the questions so i can study it before trying again?
    or if you know a workshop to get the accreditation even better..

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    Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

    To get your MUR quickly you'll probably have to do a course other than the CPPE one.

    It took me months to sort out part 2. And of course each time you fail you have to wait 7 days before retrying.

    Reading Uni do a good course that most people seem to get through on. It costs but if your boss is so desperate for you to get accredited then maybe he could pay for it.

    Yeah, and good luck with that!
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      Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

      I attended a one day course sponsored by Sigma Watford and taken by Clare Mackay of Medway.
      Should not think you can get much faster than that.


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        Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

        Hi Guys, how crazy is this, i phoned Uni of kent ( Medway) to see how long it takes the "markers" to complete case studies. Was informed by Lady in charge of course that the markers had not been in to mark any submitted coursework for 3 weeks, and "probably due into next week sometime". So if any is thinking Meday is a quick way to get accredited , think again. I have been informed it could upto 6 weeks from submission.
        I attempted CPPE course today and passed in less than 1.5hrs. If you get past part 2 the other two bits are very straight forward.


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          Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

          The School of Pharmacy, University of Reading do MUR
          accreditation. It was set up in conjunction with the NPA, though you don't
          have to be an NPA member. You have to do 1 case study and at least 2 face
          to face MUR practices, with the patients agreement. Then submit all that in
          a portfolio. The cost is £60. Pre-regs can also do the accreditation,
          though they don't get the certificate until they register with the RPSGB.
          For more details contact [email protected] saying if you are a
          pharmacist or pre-reg

          I have to declare an interest. I work in the department that does the
          accreditation. If you do contact CIPPET can you say that you were referred
          from this forum. It will be useful to show the value of the forum.




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            Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

            CPPE is the most convenient way, and is quick, as long as you pass the test without failling too many times, but the certificate takes a few weeks to arrive.
            [URL=""][/URL] A guide for preregistration students [URL=""]Pharmacy Exam[/URL]


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              Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

              Anything requiring a case study and face to face practice sessions is nigh impossible for a daily locum. I did a one day course run by Clare Mackay in Watford.


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                Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                What are the accreditaion for MUR?
                Which organisation provide accredited training?
                What are the services provided undesr Mur?
                Any clue?


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                  Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                  Hi Angela,
                  If you could inform me what are the accreditaion for MUR are availbale and which organisation provide this accredited training .Which pharmacist are able to go for this courses for MUR? Where can I find our more information reagarding the structure and time length of the course.What are the services provided under Mur?


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                    Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                    All available in previous posts, also advice on how to use google elsewhere in the forum. You must learn to use your own initiative.


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                      Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                      You can get details of the accreditation at Reading University by emailing [email protected]

                      Also see CIPPET Certificate of Competence in Medicines Use Review (MUR) at the Reading School of Pharmacy - University of Reading


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                        Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                        I am looking for the information where the pharmacist can get MUR accreditation.
                        Came up with few lists just checkin if there is anything else as well if anybody knows

                        1. Medway schools of Pharmcy
                        2. University Of Reading
                        3. CardifF university
                        4. Mancherster university.

                        and few other universities who does postgradution in which the MUR is already there.
                        Checked on PSNC website.


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                          Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                          I think I have seen this very same post somewhere else.


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                            Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                            I have been in my job for 8 weeks now (newly qualified). According to my contract I need to get MUR accredited by week 16 so the pressure is on.

                            I failed two attempts of the C+D skills for MURs (got one left but want to leave it til tomorrow) and failed section one of cppe course. I'm gutted. Neither really give feedback on where I went wrong.

                            I'm a bit angry about the skills for murs as I paid quite alot and have had nothing but problems with it. At least the CPPE one was free.

                            Does anyone know of any MUR day courses that I could attend?

                            I feel a bit thick as I don't know where I went wrong and can't remember having failed a test, ever.

                            My pre-reg tutor never really did MURs and the pre-reg manager wouldn't let me go to a branch where they did them for a visit to find out about them. I don't know if that made much of a difference but it can't have helped.

                            One of my newly qualified colleagues is doing 20+ a week and I'm not feeling a bit of pressure. I want to get qualified and provide a quality service but it's not happening for me at the minute.

                            I'm thinking of asking my employers for an accreditation course the next time they give me a "motivational" email.

                            Any tips or advice? In the meantime i'm going to try and hang in there.

                            I feel gutted.


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                              Re: how to get MUR accreditation quickly

                              Volunteer to do a day unpaid and sit in on one or two MURs.