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A young pharmacist from Poland cheated!

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  • A young pharmacist from Poland cheated!

    I am a student of pharmacy, currently doing my 6-month-long traineeship in Poland. I will have graduated by mid-December and I am willing to work in the UK or Ireland as a retail pharmacist.
    I've attended a preliminary interview at one of the recruitment agencies. They've considered my English satisfactory. But the salary they offer is a bit low in my opinion, even for such an inexperienced candidate like me. The gross yearly salary is promised to be at least 32 500 pounds, wchich should equal approx. 1980 GBP/month net. But their brochure informs that the monthly salary after the 3-month-long training period (in which it will be 1100 GBP/month net), will amount to only 1600 GBP/month net.

    Am I being cheated by the agency? It seems that they charge their fee from my salary - 380 pounds a month - and they haven't said a word about it!
    Having said that, I kindly request any of you, who would be so helpful as to give me contact details of a British or Irish employer who would accept a young pharmacist from Poland and would be ready to pay him at least 35 000 GBP/year. Should I apply for the positions advertised on

    Thamk you for your help. Please contact me via my e-mail which is:
    [email protected]


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    Re: A young pharmacist from Poland cheated!

    Law of supply and demand. UK seen as goldmine at moment by overseas pharmacists. However so many coming that suspect demand is falling off.
    Would suggest accept lower rate for say, six months, then look for where the grass is greener.

    Most youngsters want to be near their compatriots in the cities, but pharmacist shortage is greatest in rural areas. Go on the net and look at Boots and Lloyds. They have long experience of employing Spanish and Continental pharmacists.


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      Re: A young pharmacist from Poland cheated!

      Don't accept any fee deductions from an agency - They will charge any future employer a finders fee of over £2000 anyway. There are other agencies that will find you a job for no fee. Look in the back of the PJ.

      As a recruiter of pharmacists I only pay £35k to an exceptional newly qualified, more probably £33k for the first 3 to 6 months then review.