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  • Pets need help


    would like to know what would you do in these circumstances, sell or not sell

    1) an honest lady came in say she wants to buy a bottle of Kaolin and on questioning she told you it is for her poor pet

    2) a young woman came into pharmacy asking to buy a bottle of Kaolin for diarrhoea (you know she has got a pet dog because she came in a few weeks ago, but she did not mention it is for her dog or someone else because she has learnt pharmacy won't sell it to her if she says it is for her dog)

    3) a man said he was referred by a vet to get a bottle of Kaolin from any local chemists for his pet dog

    4) a man said he was referred by a vet to get a bottle of Kaolin from any local chemists for his pet dog, just been rejected of sell because not for human use, then he replied 'it is for myself, ok?'

    5) an elderly lady came in and wanted to buy a bottle of Kaolin on behalf of her daughter

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    i am telling you about pharmacy life in practice, together with my personal opinions i think might be better for pharmacy practices

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    Re: Pets need help

    I'd sell it, without a shadow of a doubt. I'll even check in my copy of the Veterinary Formulary what the dose is for her particular dog, if she wants me to.
    Cos that's the kind of girl I am.
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      Re: Pets need help

      I used to say that I didn't go to any of the dog lectures at uni because they were boring.

      I now sit on my fence.
      I freely admit that I know nothing about pet meds - but if they want to buy medicine x its up to them but I cannot say if it is safe or it will work. I am a pharmacist not a vet and don't know much about plumbing either.

      A vet friend of mine is very defensive about pharmacists selling pet medicines - as quite rightly we don't know the first thing about the effect of medicines on animals.
      Her advice was:
      NEVER give aspirin to cats
      NEVER give chloramphenicol to dogs
      there is a reason why vets charge so much - they do know what to do but I still think £20 for 300ml lactulose is a bit steep.