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  • Introduction...

    Hello everybody, my name is Robert (sounds a bit like an AA meeting :lol: )

    I am from the Netherlands and I work as a regulatory affairs manager in the pharmaceutical industry. I am not a pharmacist but I have studied biopharmaceutical sciences and I have a masters in medicinal chemistry / molecular pharmacology. After that I did a Ph.D. project in a neuropharmacology/neurophysiology field. Although I finished the practical part a long time ago, I am STILL working on the thesis....sometimes I wonder if I'll ever finish.....

    So, not a pharmacist but a pharmaceutical scientist who got caught up in the regulatory affairs department.....that's me. 8)
    molecules are just energy made mobile

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    Welcome to the forum. I am delighted that people from the Netherlands are using this site. You certainly have a impressive academic record!

    I look forward to hearing your views.

    Kind Regards
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      i like it


      My name is Paddy and I am a builder. I like the website because it's ok to post messages even if you don't work as a pharmacist. I think medication/drugs are an interesting subject and have enjoyed reading the various topics so far. Here's hoping this site grows.

      My local pharmacist is a woman and she has always given me good advice. My Dr is a man and it seems to me he might cut off the wrong leg if he got you on the operating table!
      \"It\'s a desperate man that buys second hand rusty trowels\" - Paddy 2006