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PSNC - shit negotiating body

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  • PSNC - shit negotiating body

    Its sad to see the negotiating body supposed to be speaking up for pharmacy showing such contempt for those people they are supposed to represent.

    Look at the contrast:


    PSNC head of finance Mike Dent said: “In effect, we’re currently paying pharmacies too much and we have to rein that in. Source: PJ article
    (i.e. PSNC themselves, supposed to be a pharmacy negotiating body are saying pharmacies are getting paid too much for what they provide)

    The concerns add further weight to BMA calls for practices to consider dropping work in protest over the GMS pay freeze.
    (i.e. a pay freeze for a year has got the medical negotiating body pissed and ready to go on the offensive)

    This has got me agreeing with the following view in a recent PJ letter about the PSNC's incompetency:
    Community contract