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  • Prescription charges

    Hello Forum

    Why are prescriptions always £6.50+

    Some of the drugs cost as little as £0.20 per pack, whats happening here


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    The prescription charge is actually a form of tax. The pharmacy that collects the charge from you does not keep it, it goes to the government. The average cost of each prescription item is over approx £9. If you get more then 14 items a year I suggest you get a pre-payment certificate, which can be purchased for 4 months or a year at a time (go into your local pharmacy for details).

    If the items you are getting can be purchased cheaper over the counter, the pharmacy staff will usually tell you. If in doubt ask.

    Another alternative is to ask your GP to write you a private prescription (if the drugs are cheap ones). He can prescribe you for example 3 months supply of a cheap drug (some drugs costs pennies for 28 days supply) and you will pay a minimum charge, usually around £4.

    Hope this helps

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      Thanks for the info. I always wondered about the £6,50.
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        prescription charges

        Move to Wales, charges will drop to £3.00/item on april 1st 2006, and it definitely isn't an April fool!
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