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  • PCT funding

    Could someone please explain how funding for medicine management works in community pharmacy. Do local PCTs individually decide whether they are going to fund any enhanced service? So say one PCT is happy to provide the funding but another PCT will not?

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    Re: PCT funding

    This was on my directed reading list last semester. May answer your questions (I'm not entirely sure 'cos I never read them):

    Commissioning services and the new community pharmacy contract


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      Re: PCT funding

      Originally posted by View Post

      Apart from the "MUR", which is a national service, everything else is decided by the PCT. Some PCTs have a progressive approah to commissioning pharmacy services while others would not even dream of commisioning pharmacy services.
      Raju's response is now paraphrased by myself as I was trying to reply to it and I accidentally deleted it. Sorry Raju!

      I would like to point out it was deleted because I am a Doofus and not because of anything that Raju had written


      Raju's reply: MURs are part of the main contract and are national everything else comes down to the PCTs. Some are very progressive and try to commission extra services from pharmacies and some can't be bothered!
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        Re: PCT funding

        My reply (If I've pressed reply button this time and not edit!)

        And most PCTs haven't got the money to commission extra services even if they wanted to.

        (I thought it was a good reply but it doesn't seem worth all of the hassle now!)
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          Re: PCT funding

          This year with the "underspend" on pharamcy services due to only a tiny fraction of the allocated moneys for MURs actually being claimed, some Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) quite fairly said that the money devolved to the PCTs but which had not been spent on MURs should be re-invested into community pharmacy services support e.g. locum fees while regular pharmacists do training to try and develop their services, or promotional material to promote MURs. BUT the PCTs just kept the money, which was from the global sum and therefore designed for community pharmacy funding. The issue went higher up as the contractors appealed. But the PCTs had the day, as the PSNC had not 'ring-fenced' the money, i.e. it was not protected as belonging exclusively to community pharmacy.