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plz i need ur opinions

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  • plz i need ur opinions

    hello ,

    am interseting in asthma and am thinking to do my school research in " the evaluation of the proper use of metered dose inhalers and turbohalers in asthmatic patients "

    so i need ur opinions and the methods that can help me to evaluate the patients techinque in using the inhalers in order to achive the effective dose and help him to manage his asthma sympotoms. and i want to find out from where the asthmatic patients get their info abt their medication devices and their correct use .

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    Re: plz i need ur opinions

    The supermarket pharmacy I used to work in had a device that obviously had a similar mechanism to a peak flow meter.

    The patient used it to give a PEV or similar but the calibrations show a different form of inhaler and the arrow points to the best one for that person.

    Unfortunately I can't remember what the bloody things called!
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      Re: plz i need ur opinions

      I think that you research will be beneficial and your conclusion can help all of us. Such kind of research need work and effort.

      I guess that you can distribute a questionnaire that can give info about patients' knowledge. You may also ask for permission to examine pateints use of such devices in pharmacies.

      I hope that is good.


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        Re: plz i need ur opinions

        thnx a lot linnear for mentioning the peak flow meter coz some ppl advice me to use it .

        thnxxx a lot fatma for supporting me in my research idea coz some ppl disappointed me and said it s a silly idea .
        thnx a lot for both of u and plz if u have any idea in ur mind plz say it to me coz i want to improve the pharmaceutical care in my country by makin ppl knw more abt the pharmacist role in patient education .


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          Re: plz i need ur opinions

          I often use a device called the "two-tone trainer" to demonstrate to patients how slowly they need to breathe in from their inhaler to get maximum bronchial deposition of active ingredient, but minimal side-effects; it works like a "reverse" whistle (you suck through it instead of blowing); if you inhale too fast it produces 2 tones, but if you inhale slowly enough (i.e. less than 30l/min) it only produces one harmonious note. See 2TONE INHALER TRAINER. Trains you to use your inhaler properly.
          I think the device Linnear might be talking about could be Clement Clark's "In-Check Dial" device- see Respiratory Education and Clinicals for details. Very useful piece of kit!
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            Re: plz i need ur opinions

            Astra-Zenaca dropped off some training 'whistles' on Thursday in connection with Symbicort. If you approached local agency perhaps they could get some for you.


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              Re: plz i need ur opinions

              thnx a lot johnep for this info , i will contact Astra-Zenaca agent and i will see if they whistles with symbicort , and i may change my research and make on symbicort and the benfit of it for asthmatic patient in maganging their asthma and reducing their hospital admission .

              it is just everyday i found a lot of new data in asthma and i cant decide yet the topic of my research .
              plzzzzz i need ur help .