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Revocation of Royal Charter

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  • Revocation of Royal Charter

    I know that the splitting of the society has been covered in other threads but I wondered if anybody had noticed the paragraph in last weeks PJ about the Royal Charter.

    Firstly, I struggle to believe that in 2005 the RPSGB assets were valued at £5,246 MILLION - that by my calculations is £5.2 BILLION (I think) - probably the GDP of some small countries!!!

    Secondly the last sentence reads:

    The Charter does not provide for distribution of assets if revocation is imposed externally, which means that they would become Crown property. 1
    Does this mean that if the society does end up splitting and the Royal Charter is revoked, that Mr Brown gets a delightful £5.2 Billion to aid his dwindling coffers???

    This does seem slightly unfair to me, surely it should go back to the members?

    Hmm, let me see £5,246,000,000 going 44,000 ways gives us members £119,227.27 each – I’m gonna pay off my mortgage, go part time, buy a new car, more holidays….

    1. Implications for the Society and its current Royal Charter. Pharmaceutical Journal 2007;278:207

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    Unfortuanately it was a typo: should have been £5.246 million, not £5,246 million.

    As for revocation of the charter see this weeks letters. Opinion seems to be that it is highly unlikely to happen.