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  • why MPharm?

    Out of curosity why was the pharmacy degree changed from a three year course to a four year course?

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    To bring us in line with other european countries I believe. And because Master of Pharmacy sounds better than Bachelor


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      so nothing to do with making the degree more clinical based and making it more relevant to the changes that are occuring in pharmacy?


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        Originally posted by View Post
        so nothing to do with making the degree more clinical based and making it more relevant to the changes that are occuring in pharmacy?
        Sort of, but most of the major changes have come about after the change to 4 years. Might go to 5 now! Only kidding!
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          My studies lasted for 5,5 year (!). In Poland. Were prolonged form 5 to 5,5. The reason was - joining the UE...


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            5 and half years!?


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              it's true.
              4,5 years of cramming plus 0,5 for writing a dissertation (based on own scientific research) plus 0,5 of apprenticeship (compulsory and not paid) = 5,5


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                In the good old days apprenticeship was four years and then nine months study. Then came C&D (Chemist and Druggist) which was two year course. I would have done this but local authority would only give grant for a degree course. Thus I did B.Pharm, but took Pharmaceutical Chemist exam after 2 1/2 years which made my last 18 months at Uni fairly comfortable.

                I had already done two year apprenticeship before going to uni.

                Maybe Polish course includes work we would have coverd in A levels taken at 18. I was told that UNIs wanted extra year as so many students needed remedial work in maths and English. Not surprising when you see the poor standard of spelling/grammar on most pharm forums and chat sites.


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                  In Portugal is five and a half years too, but most need 6 years. Five years of study with 6-7 subjects per semester, then 6 months pre-reg training 40hours a week unpaid (!), then dissertation and oral examination about the pre-reg training. Yes, I worked 6 months and I was still paying university fees!


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                    Re: why MPharm?

                    Well, silnarnin - it seems that your situation was quite similar...
                    I had some subjects which prolonged my course although they were not strictly connected to pharmacy - for example: history of art or philosophy. I also had to learn mathematics and statictics - it was really quite difficult (I mean that wasn't basics of any kind but these integrals and complicated formulas...). It turned up to be useless at work...
                    I think that if they threw away all creepy subjects or repeated courses it could be 4 years.