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    I am an overseas pharmacist; I would like to practice pharmacy in the UK. I am fully aware of the RPSGB requirements but I need more information about a certain issue. I am on student visa at the moment. I know that before I can work in the UK I need to get a work permit, the latter is normally applied for by the potential employer and that puts an extra hurdle in front of people from outside the EU. This is because not all employers like to do the applying bit. I was wondering if anyone on here has got some experience with trying to find employment as a pharmacist who requires a work permit. Is it very difficult to find an employer (Boots, Lloyds or any other employer) who is willing to apply for a work permit on behalf of an overseas pharmacist they want to employ? I really need to have an idea about the real picture before I invest at least £12000 to attain an OSPAP qualification.

    Thanks so much.

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    This illustrates the attractiveness of the UK for overseas pharmacists.


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      Hi Pen
      I have had no problems whatsoever. I qualified in NZ, and had more than 10 years post registration experience there. I came over to the UK on a Boots offer - they applied for my work permit, paid my travel expenses and put me up for a month in a hotel ( I did get all this through a recruitment agency, don't know if it would be so easy to negotiate directly). Since then I have also worked for Rowlands and Alliance. I think the only problem you would have, is if you wished to work for an independent - all the chains have big HR departments that are used to organising permits/visas etc.
      The only caution I would give is don't get ripped off - check out that the salary, and conditions offered are reasonably consistent with the pay scale offered to locals. But that would be easy to do by using this site.
      What country are you coming from???