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    Hi all

    Im a Mpharm student and have 4 past convictions, and Im very concerned, I dont know whether to carry on.Before I started the course I had 2 convictions of petty theft at ages 15 and 21.

    Then in 2005 I had a really bad yr I got another 2 convictions whilst at uni.

    One was for drink driving and the other has been recorded as theft as I was overpaid by an agency and I didn't know. And instead of them ringing me and sorting it out they phoned the police. Who then claimed I stole of the company. The money was transferred from their bank to mine.

    But with my past 2 convictions of theft it looks absolutley awful.

    I dont know what to do, whether to leave the course or carry on hope they might just let me on the register. As Im guessing they wont have someone with 4 past convictions registered. esp dd and theft charges

    Before I took the degree I got some advice and it would have been easier to convince them to take me on only having 2 past convictions and now I have 4.

    I really want to be a pharmacist and start career in this field. And put this mess behind me.

    Im so down I dont know what to do, I clearly have learnt my lesson and believe everyone makes mistakes.

    Will this end my dreams? what are your views, do you know anyone who has registered with past convictions?

    Any info will help

    thanks in advance for advice/opinions

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    Your best bit is to speak to the Society directly. On here, people can only give their opinions. They look at cases on an individual basis.


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      Originally posted by ferretmanabu View Post
      Your best bit is to speak to the Society directly. On here, people can only give their opinions. They look at cases on an individual basis.
      Agree with this. Phone the Society ASAP. But also speak to your personal tutor for support, and the head of the school.


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        Thanks guys

        I think that is the best bet.

        By the way does everybody go through a crb check before registering?



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          I don't think that they run any kind of police trace on you when you register. Personally I'd take a more cautious approach to this, and try to find out all the information I could before giving them my name.
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            I would contact the Pharmacist Defence Association.


            Do not speak to the society until you have consulted them first. There may be a solution for you and either way you will need representation should this go to stat comm and they are the best people to help.


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              I just qualified recently and as far as I remember, there is no CRB check. You are however required to fill out a declaration stating that you have not had any convictions, no matter how minor they might be.


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                previous convictions

                There was a geat deal of discussion on this topic on private-rx and some letters in the journal. A very prominent member had declared a driving offence from when he was a student and found himself barred from a promotion.

                After all if they will not send you to prison for a serious offence, youthful indiscretions should not count, say any below 25. Even the presidents of USA have admitted to smoking pot and being an alcoholic in their youth.

                Sometimes one just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.



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                  Hi Peeps

                  Thank you to all those people who have replied,

                  To johnep, what promotion was your friend barred from?

                  I agree with what your saying about anything done in the past should stay there but I know how judgemental people can be.

                  I just wanna make a clean start and have a successful career.

                  Do you think the rpsgb may tell me I cant register after completing 4 years of study and a yr pre reg?

                  this is what im dreading.......



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                    spent convictions

                    May have mixed up two incidents. No keen on mentioning names but all reported in PJ. This was actually pharmacist under investigation. Later cleared of all blame but of course 'to protect the public', govnmt keen on suspending any professional under suspicion. Naturally public servants etc are suspended on full pay. If you are a self employed locum then it is probably goodbye to your house and marriage.


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                      I dont understand?

                      What do you mean by being suspended if you've done something wrong after registration?

                      or if you've done something wrong in the past which keeps popping up?

                      And why would you say goodbye to your house etc if a your slef employed locum.

                      Sorry for asking so many questions, but im just not really clued up on all of this hence the initial post.



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                        If a professional is suspended by the NHS then they will not be authorised to work in any PCT area and do locums which involves NHS work. I would think there can only be one pharmacy in the country near to Harley St which dispense only private scripts.

                        No work = no money = no mortgage paid = no house etc

                        These cases can drag on for 2-3 years which is why you occasionally read press reports about suspended consultants on full pay doing nothing.

                        You need proper advice pronto.


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                          Hi john ep

                          well if there suspended on full pay, why do they lose there home etc etc.

                          I am getting advice

                          and Im not crapping wondering how there gonna deal with me



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                            Only people directly employed by NHS are suspended on full pay. They can enjoy their gardening leave. Self employed such as locums receive nothing.


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                              I get you now....jeez

                              poor locumer's

                              hey john I read some of your other posts and what intrigued me was the work you carried out in industry.

                              I'd love to work for industry but not reasearch, what jobs are available?