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plz give me ur suggestion !!!!!!

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  • plz give me ur suggestion !!!!!!

    hi everybody

    am new member and am happy to join u in this nice fourm .

    plz i need ur help ,,,

    am a fifth year pharmacy student , and i want ur help in suggesting any good pharmacy topic to be my graduation research project

    thnx a lot

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    blue eyes

    suspicioous about this one. sounds like trying to get you to dubious site.

    who does 5 years in UK?


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      thnx for reply

      i just want to make things clear am studying in sudan

      fifth year school of pharmacy


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        My old friend Mohn Patel was a prof at Khartoum. If he is still around, would be retired now, good person to ask.


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          THNX johnep for ur reply

          but how i can contact the prof in sudan , i will be thankful if u have any address for him so i can contact him ,

          thnx again .


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            help for Sudan

            Go to uni administration, they may be able to help. Otherwise, why not review use of locally produced medicinal products which we use in the UK etc.
            EG: Acacia gum still used extensively for various foods although Kelco xanthan gums taking over. You could do most of research on internet.
            Acacia was used as suspending agent for powders in liquid mixtures.

            I used to work for flavour/perfume company who produced 'Bint el Sudan' perfume which was sold throughout sub saharan Africa. We used acacia to make an emulsion with essential oils/oleoresins which when spray dried produced encapsulated flavours for use in packet foods.

            Senna may grow locally as shipped as 'Alexandrian Senna' from Egypt.

            Then you have all the aromatic gums used in food, incense, and medicine,
            Asafoetida, Myrrh, frankinsense?, olibanum, etc.

            Go to local market and I am sure you will find many of the above for sale.

            good luck,



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              By the way, Bradford do the five year sandwich course which incorporates pre-reg into the degree.


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                Final Year Project

                When I did my course I choose to do a practical final year project, rather then a data based type of one. I looked at sustained release capsules using hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (as I recall) and tried various formulas, writing up a 2000 word dissertation and doing a verbal presentation.

                I liked this because I had my own little lab to work in, and it gave a flavour of what a PhD would be like to do. The lecturer asked me if I was considering doing a PhD, but I didn't want to stay for another 3 years, so declined the offer.

                I'd recommend you go for a practical one. It's more interesting (in my opinion) then number crunching (which most people seemed to do) and gave me practical skills that would have been useful in industry.

                Ask the lecturers what research projects they are currently working on, do a bit of research into the subject, and offer to help them out a bit by doing a small project in their field. Thats what I did, and found it to be good. I got over 70% for my project, and that seemed to be better then most people, so I was pleased with that.
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                  Final year projects

                  Hi Blueeyes,

                  I did my pharmacy degree in Zimbabwe. About half my group investigated herbal extracts of local traditional medicines and herbs. Its quite a tradition there. If one student starts with an extract, somewhere along the line someone will pick it up and do animal testing and eventually a formulation. look at some of the old projects that were done on this link (not very up to date... you won't see my project)

                  I always wanted to look at antimicrobial resistance and compare it with prescribing patterns. But I thought (wrongly) that it would be too easy. A practical project involving laboratory analysis can be very frustrating unless you have funding guaranteed so check this before making a decision.

                  Good luck

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