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  • help please

    hi everyone, im getting really frustrated at the mo cause i am trying to complete an assignement and can do it, can someone help !

    me question is.....
    relate dosage regimes and drug interactions to pharmacokinetic factors ( absorption distribution, motabolism and excreation)

    i just dont get it all all, ill be really greatful if someone can help X

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    hi there,

    No need for all the frustration, if you really think about it you'll see the answer there. Think about it this way what is the meaning of pharmacokinetics? in simple terms it is what the body does to the drug

    so can't you see how interaction and regimen could have a relation into all that? what determines how many times a particular drug is administered and when it is administered isn't it how the body will handle it and when it will be eliminated from the body!! I am trying to just point you into the right direction coz it's much more usefull to try and think of all this and then write what you understood.

    To know about the relation of interaction into all this think about this as an example what is the interaction between iron and tyronine (found in tea). I hope I didn't make it more difficult you can try and think of your own exaples of interaction and you'll see.

    I hope I managed to help a bit and not add to your frustration If there is any particular problem you are having let us know and hopefully we'll be able to help.

    All the best of Luck


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      hi, sorry i have only just got back, thanks so much for ur reply it really helped, i got a distinction for it