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    I done work experience today, it was rubbish. I went to a local pharmacy on monday and a different one today, hoping to get some experience and learn about the pharmacy world. But I was stacking shelves, and putting lids on bottles for many hours. I did not even get to speak to the pharmacists properly. I appreciate they can be busy, however, I wanted work experience to observe and learn about the Pharmacy role not to learn how to put lids on bottles or put nappies on shelves. If someone asks me what I learnt out of the experience I would not know what to say. Can someone please tell me in more detail about the role of community Pharmacists. All I saw them do was put stickers on bottles and boxes, and it did not help me much to learn anything. I would also like some advice on what I should be learning in my work experience. I was really upset with what I had to do, as I'm only doing 1.5 days of exp and thats not even much. I wasted all my time learning something that is irrelevent to me at this point of time.

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    Hey sorry you had such a crappy time, Im a second year pharmacy student and to be honest before i started the course I had pretty much the same experience theres not an awful lot you can do in a pharmacy on work experience.

    Unfortunatly most of community pharmacy is putting labels on medicines and checking precscriptions but some of the time is spent advising patients about medicines, answering questions from customers and carrying out some clinical services like diabetes testings. Hopefully the way pharmacy is going we will have full prescribing powers and spend less time dispensing and more time with patients, but we shall see...

    so have u decided to apply to pharmacy then?


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      I've also had a very similar experience. I cottoned on that I was being used to do the skivvy jobs fairly early on which is why my work experience in that particular pharmacy only lasted 3 hours (I left at lunchtime)! Its unfortunate that some companies/pharmacies treat students this way.


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        Originally posted by miss.mystery View Post
        I done work experience today, it was rubbish.
        That figures - insurance doesn't allow access to computers or access to the till.
        So you're basically stuffed.
        If you want to experience pharmacy try for a Saturday or after school job. (Supermarket pharmacy open till 10pm)



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          work experience

          When it was decided that I should study pharmacy at the age of 16, I applied for a Saturday job at the local BTC. Always remember my first experience was seeing an assistant weigh out peant butter from a 7lb tin onto a piece of tissue in newspaper. (it was the 1950s)

          Spent a lot of time weighing up starch and paradichlorbenzene. Filling customers brought in bottles with Liquid Parafin, vinegar or even Gees Linctus.

          This was before repackaging into unsuitable containers was banned after some nasty instances of toddlers drinking weedkiller or bleach.

          I did this for a couple of years and then started an apprenticeship and was allowed into the dispensary.

          at the time i just enjoyed the general atmosphere of a busy store which was a large one for those days.


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            'insurance doesn't allow access to computers or access to the till.'

            I got to access the till.
            I did not expect to be allowed to dispense medicines etc, however I wanted to learn more about what pharmacists actually do and ask them questions. I was dissapointed because my friend done work experience in the same place and got to learn about morphine and other drugs, so generally I expected more out of this place esp as i'm not there for long.

            'so have u decided to apply to pharmacy then?'

            Yeh mm45, but I just feel as though I don't know much about it. I did like the atmosphere in the pharmacy work place though - meeting different people etc. That's all I can really say about that question..