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which is better:hospital or community prereg?

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  • which is better:hospital or community prereg?

    I am wondering which prereg training is better in order to pass the prereg exams, at hospitals or community phs please? If someone has done her/his prereg at hospital then wanted to work at retail when registered will it be very hard to retrain and learn??

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    Both have their pros and cons in terms of passing the exam and usefulness of knowledge.

    HOSPITAL PROS: Good clinical knowledge for exam questions and future reference; more rounded; more interesting; get to go on more 'conferences' (AKA skives).
    HOSPITAL CONS: Have to learn OTC and legal community stuff yourself for exam.

    COMMUNITY PROS: You'll know all the OTC and legal stuff.
    COMMUNITY CONS: crap clinical knowledge for exam; you'll serve a lot of sandwiches.

    Overall a good tutor can make or break your pre-reg wherever you go. Easy to go from hosp to comm after qualifying as long as you've had some comm experience before. Some people do it without previous community experience, usually they break the law quite a lot. But they never get caught and it's clinically irrelevant so does it really matter....


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      Dear NT,

      Thank you very much for your reply.