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    Very quiet on the forum...
    Is everyone still here or are they using other channels to keep in touch with each other?
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    How times change.

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    Sorry,I have not been generating traffic. Since my stroke, I have lost my old get up and go. As I recover will gradually get on the forum more often.
    I am still around because I tend to bleed easily and have a delayed clotting time. This means I am unlikely to have a heart attack or suffer a normal stroke from a clot.
    Mine was due to a bleed in the brain caused by high blood pressure. This killed my grandfather, uncles, aunts, and my brother. Despite my family history, I was given heparin in hospital every day to ward off a DVT. I queried this policy and carer said "Computer says you must have it". Soon I was weeping blood from my nose so began to point blank refuse. Had a few arguments but managed to stop the daily heparin. A NMR brain scan showed a ruptured vessel in my head. This experience has led me to suggest a BP reading at approx 9pm for all pts with family history of strokes. The vast majority of strokes occur in early morning when medication levels at lowest. I now take a BP med in the evening.


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      I'm still lurking in the background.
      That's food for thought John as my mum had a stroke.
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