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Scriptswitch - anyone know them?

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  • Scriptswitch - anyone know them?

    trying to gather info on this company as going for aninterview with them

    anyone work for them or know (good or bad) anything about them?


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    Re: Scriptswitch - anyone know them?

    see this thread

    also some other stuff on google
    ....just my opinion


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      Re: Scriptswitch - anyone know them?

      The software appears to work... but can be a PITA for the community pharmacist.

      My old PCT would swap from generic to brand without warning (and back again, making brand stockholding financial suicide) resulting in delays to patients. Which is not so good when antibiotics (which you'd assume were best started asap) suddenly come through as brands that you have to order in.

      Also, as it was mainly targetted towards the Cat M generics that are artificially high in order to maintain our agreed purchase profit, it was effectively taking negotiated money from our pay.

      Now, this the use that one PCT put it to, so it depends on your ethical viewpoint ("we just created the atom bomb - we didn't use it") whether this is joining the dark side or not
      Employed again... paid holidays! Yipee


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        Re: Scriptswitch - anyone know them?

        at the "dark side"

        i wonder if they are that bad????