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  • UK Pharmacist - Working Abroad

    Hi there

    I am looking for a little guidance and was hoping that somebody here could share their thoughts.

    I have recently qualified as a Pharmacist and am looking to move abroad with my partner possibly to the United Arab Emirates. A number of large, UK and US corporations are based out there, for example Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and was wondering what opportunities are open to a UK Pharmacist.

    Is there anybody here who has qualified and has since moved on to work for a US/UK corporate?

    I look forward to hearing people's thoughts.


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    Re: UK Pharmacist - Working Abroad

    welcome to the forum, i can not help you, however i suggest you get in touch with a member named 'arzoo' as he is a practicing pharmacist in Dubai.
    check the link, look for arzoo, and message him/her.

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