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    I am considering a move to Wales, in the next couple of years, for a few reasons such as needing a larger house (for our growing family) and also wanting a few acres to manage. Our budget is lacking to buy in the South East England where we live so look at all options. As I provide the main income for our family I am trying to find out about job prospects and work pressures in Wales compared to England. I read about the difference in how pharmacy is viewed by the government but does that translate into a better work environment and more opportunities? Is work hard to come by? I have been qualified for 6.5yrs and work in community at the moment managing a pharmacy for a small chain. I am interested in hearing from any one in different sectors. I have worked in hospital but mostly community and have considered GP jobs recently.

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    Bob Gartside moved to Wales many years ago from Liverpool. Merlyn also considered a move some years ago, so perhaps he can answer some of your questions.
    When I was a rep, we had a chap on the training course who said he was moving for much the same reasons as you, ie a better house.
    Bob enjoyed a 13 roomed mansion with a pharmacy attached or next door.


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      I moved to Cardiff in 1975 and so enjoyed two of the most beautiful summers of the last century in Wales.

      Found I was very readily accepted and used to go over to West Wales where some of the lowest priced property was then available.

      Wales in the '70's was like Somerset in the '50's; slow and easy going with a wary eye towards Whitehall and a slightly subversive attitude towards (English) authority but I never met with any unpleasantness.

      Work environment was easier paced and generally pleasanter than England.

      Why not see if you can do a few weeks Locum there as a "Taster" ?

      Whatever the outcome: Good Luck!
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        From what I've seen they're still crying out for pharmacists particularly in mid to North Wales. Great value for money when buying houses and if you're near Llandudno or any other population centre there's decent train links.

        Welsh pharmacy is moving in the right direction with a more sparse population in certain areas the workload should be more manageable and varied.

        If you find the right place there may even be relocation packages available.
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          I moved from england pharmacy to wales, really struggled to get work. I was a level 2 disp, not many jobs were advertised until I found a job that was part time on the shop counter. Then when a vacancy became available i went into the dispensary. I'm now a full time act. May be worth putting your cv through to the area of where you are thinking of going and asking them to let you know if anything comes up.


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            Remember, you're moving to a country with a somewhat different history and culture. You won't be moving to a different part of England. Especially in N and W Wales quite a lot of people speak Welsh;sh, and in some schools its the first language.