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Urgent: Locum required tomorrow

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  • Urgent: Locum required tomorrow

    Hi all. Apologies if this violates any group rules (if so, move the post to appropriate section):

    Due to a once in a decade family emergency I need a locum tomorrow, kinda desperate.

    Hours are: 8.45am to 6.30pm. Rate is £35 per hour + £0.30p per mile. Location is Harpers Pharmacy, Brighton BN1 7GE.

    If anyone can help with that it'd be hugely appreciated in a tough time.... PM me or contact

    Kindest regards & thanks

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    Very sorry to hear of your problem. I once had to rush off to the IOW on similar mission to cover. If I was still working, I would be packing a case.
    Trust you find someone. Majority of our posters seem to live in the North or Midlands. A London locum could cover easily. Would help if you can offer overnight facilities.
    Good luck.


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      Thanks Johnep for your sympathetic words We did get it sorted in the end, late in the night