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Advise on indeminity insurance to work ina GP practice

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  • Advise on indeminity insurance to work ina GP practice

    Hi all, I'm just about to start a new role as a clinical pharmacist based in a GP practice, as part of the NHS pathway, eventually will undertake NMP training.

    Anybody has any advise on what insurance would be best? I've always been with the PDA when working as a community pharmacist, but the price goes up to nearly 1000 pounds for practice pharmacists, anybody uses other providers and what's your experience with them?

    Thanks a lot

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    I’ve stuck with the PDA as it was cheaper then the alternative our GPs use and they know pharmacists. My employer pays and I don’t think you should pay this cost yourself. Having said that, if you’re feeling hard done to, don’t forget it costs the GPs about £600 per month for theirs.
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