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tax return and reimbursements

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  • tax return and reimbursements

    hi everyone and happy new year. i am about to file in my first tax return as i am self-employed. i just wanted to know what one can claim back as expenses on reimbursements eg. travel expenses as i dont have a car yet, b&b, subsistence, and any other stuff i can claim for can be suggested also thanks.

    also for the subsistence, if claimable, since i dont really have receipts for meals is there a reasonable amount i could charge per day while away that would be reasonable so as not to encourage any enquiry from hmrc. thanks!

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    Re: tax return and reimbursements

    have a look at this thread
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      Re: tax return and reimbursements

      When working as a rep the co told us that the IR had said that meal allowances should be taxable. However, on questioning they admitted that IR staff had a lunch allowance and our excellent management said that is what they would allow us. Much more than what we had been claiming until then.

      Remember MPs can claim 50p a mile but only allow us to claim 40p.


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        Re: tax return and reimbursements

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