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Correct disposal of waste for NVQ

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  • Correct disposal of waste for NVQ

    Just looking for the "correct way" to dispose of the following items
    - An out of date Water for Inject Vial

    I'm assuming the WFI can be put into normal pharmacy waste bin but can the water be discarded into the drain first?

    Thanks in advance

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    That's something that has been puzzling me too. A colleague said she would do that and put it into the sharps bin but I also would like to know if that is right! Getting a bit tied up trying to figure out the answers to some off this question about reasons for this method of disposal!


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      I’m assuming you mean the glass vials, not the plastic ones. Think about it this way, if you open the vial (or use a needle to draw up the contents) then you risk injuring yourself, and what exactly do you gain by doing it? The glass itself must go into a pharmacy sharps bin no matter what happens to the contents of the vial. As far as I know these cost the same to dispose of regardless of weight, so the vial is still going to take up the same physical space in the bin whether you empty it down the sink or not. Therefore leave it alone and just chuck it straight in there - gently! Ask yourself why you need to empty it down the sink. If you don’t, then don’t bother.

      The only exception I can think of at the moment are Controlled Drugs, which must be opened before disposal. If you were discarding a CD then ampoules and vials need to be opened (or the contents drawn up into a syringe) and the liquid emptied into the DOOP jar. The vial also goes in the DOOP once it’s empty. The gel that comes in the DOOP solidifies, but if you leave an intact vial in there then someone can dig it out. Lovely stuff!


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        When I worked in hospital, we had va delivery of Thorium X from Harwell every week. If not used I asked re disposal. The technician said the regular pharmacist simply poured it down the sink.